Tyre Recycling into Fuel Oil Machine –– A Modern Solution to Waste Management Problems

Tyre Recycling Plant

Rapid transportation is the name of the game and just about everything from building materials to fashion accessories can be deli livered to the comfort of your home. A large portion of the conveniences we enjoy today are made available through improved transportation and all of this rides of the wheel –– or more specifically the versatile tyre.

Tyres are everywhere and are being used and discarded at an alarming rate. Everything from delivery motorcycles to heavy-duty mining machinery operates on the traction provided by tyres, and they tend to wear out. When they do they convene to form a flood of rubbery blackness that can’t be contained by landfills or most other waste management efforts.

Tyre to Fuel Recycling Plant
Waste Tire to Fuel Machine

Experts say that it can take many years, even centuries to for a rubber tyre to fully decompose. So what should be done with this growing pile of discarded tyres? Well, those who have a head for investment opportunities may be interested in turning all these unwanted tyres into something practical and profitable.

Many people see the growing problem with tyres and are interested in making a big difference. Well, what if you could turn a profit at the same time?

In the following brief overview we will take a look at a useful fuel source can be created from a waste tire to fuel machine as well as some other useful products that can be created alongside.

Tyre Oil Machine
Tyre to Oil Plant

The Products of a Tyre Recycling into Fuel Oil Machine

With the millions of tyres being discarded every day, anyone with a mind for investment can take advantage of an almost inexhaustible supply of raw materials to produce valuable fuel sources and other materials with industrial use.

Tyres although no longer road-worthy, still contain many valuable materials inside that can be collected with the right type of machinery. A pyrolysis plant is a tyre recycling into fuel oil machine that makes the following products:

Fuel Oil –– at very high temperatures the compounds in a tyre will evaporate and some of these can be collected as a gas. After this gas has been properly condensed, it can be used to fuel automobiles and vehicles of all types. These gasses are collected in a condensation chamber and this is where they are turned into fuel oils.

Other Gases –– Those gasses that are no sent to the condensation chamber for processing to fuel oils can be sent back into the tyre oil machine to help fuel the process.

Steel –– there is steel inside the walls of a tyre that keeps the nails, glass and other road debris from puncturing the tyre and causing a blowout. Once the tyres have been processed, these steel parts can be salvaged as well and returned to the steel industry for repurposing.

Carbon Black –– this final by-product also has some service as an alternative fuel source. Carbon black is also used to make ink and toner for copier machines and has applications in the construction industry as well.

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