Where Do All Those Egg Trays Come From?

Egg Tray Machine

Trays full of eggs are delivered to stores, restaurants, homes, and bakeries every day. Have you ever stopped to wonder where all of those trays come from? Have you stopped to think about how they are made? Where do the egg producers buy all of those trays? The egg trays are made by an egg tray molding machine.

Egg Tray Making Machine in Dominica
Egg Tray Making Machine in Dominica

There are different types of egg tray making machines for sale, including fully automatic machine, semi-automatic type and manual type. The egg tray machine produces the trays by taking paper pulp, molding it into the correct shape, and then drying it quickly.

An automatic egg tray making machine can produce thousands of trays per hour. As an example, Beston Group produces egg tray machines that can produce the trays at rates ranging from 1500 pieces per hour up to 7000 pieces per hour. Each tray has 30 cups to hold the eggs. You have probably noticed that most egg sellers only put 24 eggs in a tray. This allows there to be a little extra protection along the edges when they tie the trays into stacks.

Why would you be interested in these machines? Think of all the egg trays that are used every day in your area. Stores receive hundreds, or thousands, of eggs daily. Food production companies use thousands and thousands of eggs every day. There is a wide market for egg trays. Moreover, it can recycle waste paper, which can lower your costs as well. 

You can start your business with a small egg tray machine until you establish enough clients. As your business grows, you can add additional small machines, or invest in one of the higher capacity machines to speed up production. A single egg tray does not sell for much money, but imagine if you made even a small profit on each try. With even the manual egg tray making machine you can make over twelve thousand trays in an eight hour day.

Small Egg Tray Machine in the Philippines
Small Egg Tray Machine in the Philippines

There is a high demand for new egg trays every day. If you own an automatic egg tray machine, you could be producing the trays to sell to the egg producers. They buy the trays in massive quantities every month. It is a great business opportunity for anyone who lives near poultry farms.

Moreover, egg tray making machine is eco-friendly to the environment because it can recycle waste paper.

What if you are an egg producer? You should consider making your own trays. You can cut your costs on the trays you use, plus you can sell the excess to other egg producers in your region. It can become an added source of income for your business.

An automatic egg tray making machine is fascinating to watch in action, but the income it can make is even more fascinating. This is a business you may wish to explore.

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